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Rules and Regulations


  • To establish rules and regulations setting forth the district’s intentions for the conduct of the business affairs of the district in a manner that will result in successful operation of the system.
  • To treat all consumers alike with respect to recurring situations requiring the establishment of a set of rules and regulations.
  • To provide high quality service to the consumers of the district at the lowest possible cost, consistent with sound business practices.
  • To make known to the consumers the rules and regulations of the district.
  • To create a favorable image among the consumers and general public.
  • To promote maximum beneficial utilization of water among the consumers by providing additional services desired by the consumers.
  • To represent the interests of the consumers in the most fair and equitable manner.

Member Handbook

Reference the following PDF file for a copy of the Cass Rural Water District Member Handbook revised March 2022.

Member Handbook

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